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STEM Diploma

Students in Lab

The faculty of AHA believes that four years of core-course study in science, mathematics and technology, that incorporates the principles of engineering, is the best preparation to enter prestigious college and university programs in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Students in all AHA mathematics and science courses achieve the essential elements of a STEM program.

The STEM Diploma recognizes those students who have dedicated themselves to mastery of this rigorous course of study and who can demonstrate and apply 21st Century Skills in Critical Thinking, Creativity, Communication, and Collaboration in the curricular and co-curricular areas. 

Learner Outcomes

  • Science: By completing four years of core science courses, inclusive of biology, chemistry, and physics, students will be prepared to enter an advanced college science program.
  • Technology: By completing courses in fine and practical arts and computer science, students will develop a deeper understanding of computer systems and be able to use and apply computer software skills in CAD, Word, and Excel and be able to use industrial equipment to design and build 3-D objects, model buildings, or robots.
  • Engineering: By learning and applying the Engineering Design Process in mathematics and science courses, students will be able to identify a problem, create a solution, and test it.
  • Mathematics: By completing four years of core mathematics courses, including AP Pre-calculus, Pre-calculus, Calculus or AP Calculus, students will be able to enter Calculus I or Calculus II in first-year college programs. 

STEM Experiences

All student STEM experiences are unique and reflect the interests and aptitudes of students and their postsecondary pursuits. 

Now with our newly completed iCenter, opportunities abound for independent research and collaboration with hospitals and companies across the Twin Cities

STEM Course Requirements

STEM Experience Requirements

STEM Communication Requirements

Over the past two years, 79 students have earned a STEM Diploma at AHA. Here is a list of schools that the recipients are attending:

Baylor University
Bemidiji State University
College of St. Benedict
College of St. Scholastica
Creighton University
Drake University
Gustavus Adolphus College
Indiana UniversityIowa State University
Lake Forest College
Loyola University, Chicago
Marquette University 

Michigan Technological University
Northeastern University
Purdue University
Regis University
Saint John's University
Saint Mary's
St. Louis University
St. Olaf University
University of California-Santa Barbara
University of Iowa

University of MN-Duluth
University of MN-Twin Cities
University of Missouri-Columbia
University of Notre Dame
University of Portland
University of St. Thomas
University of Tampa
University of WI-Madison
University of WI-Milwaukee
University of WI-Stout
Viterbo University
Worcester Polytechnic Institute



AHA's Program of Studies is a comprehensive course catalog with a description of the school's requirements for graduation and for student honors. 

Please reference the catalog below as it is the official document of AHA. 

Donna Poshusta
Faculty STEM Coordinator

Science Lab

“I appreciated the interactive nature of the requirements for the STEM Diploma. Doing job shadows was extremely helpful in terms of gaining real-life experience in the day of someone in the medical profession. It has led me to consider what would truly bring me joy in a career and question all aspects of pursuing a certain career.”
Grace C. ‘22